French Acadian farmers settled Youngsville in the early 19th century.  Prior to 1839, George Roy and his son, Desire, laid out the area and named the community “Royville.” The settlement had grown large enough by 1859 to establish one of the oldest Catholic Churches in Lafayette Parish; St. Anne Catholic Church, and had named its oldest street, Church Street.  In 1908, the United States Postal Service asked village leaders to change the name because the town was being confused with the north Louisiana town of Rayville.  So in 1908, the Village of Youngsville was incorporated. The village was named “Youngsville,” meaning young village.

The Village continued to develop and on January 20, 1983, Louisiana Governor David C. Treen declared the village a town. The town chose as its governing body, a Mayor and five Aldermen to accommodate its population.

Although the city has extended its boundaries and expanded its services, Youngsville has remained a rural city surrounded by sugarcane farms, which enjoy the unique atmosphere of an urban area of the City of Lafayette, Louisiana.

The sugarcane and soybean fields that once completely surrounded the town of Youngsville are becoming more difficult to find.  Development began in the 1990’s with the original Copperfield subdivision along Highway 89 near Fortune Road.  The success of this subdivision led to continuous development throughout the most recent decades.  The Copperfield subdivisions have grown until the subdivisions abutted the original, old town of Youngsville along Iberia Street also known as Highway 92.

Many other subdivisions were also built in the former farmlands of Youngsville, including Field Crest, Oakthorn, and Sugar Mill Pond.

The creators of the River Ranch development in Lafayette have started a new mixed use planned community in Youngsville.  Called Sugar Mill Pond, it will be home to over 2,000 housing units, a school and town center with commercial establishments.

Youngsville has become known for its roundabouts.  It was the first community within Lafayette Parish to embrace the usage of traffic circles to ease the congestion of the city’s rising population. Youngsville now boasts at least 10 roundabouts.

The citizens of Youngsville voted in favor of a building a multi-million-dollar, 70-acre sports complex, the Youngsville Sports Complex.  It is the premier sports and recreation complex in Louisiana.

There are so many reasons why the City of Youngsville is the fastest and smartest growing community in Louisiana.  It can be summed up in one word… opportunity.  Whether you’re looking to grow personally, professionally, as a family or a business, no other community offers as much opportunity to help you attain your visions or goals.

No other community in Louisiana offers such a richly diverse environment and lifestyle. Youngsville is a place where the tall cane continues to grow strong with each season right alongside a progressive Lafayette-like urban area.  It’s where family values are never compromised.

Come see us and discover for yourself why life is sweeter in the City of Youngsville.

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